Privacy Policy

LiberTEA Network is an in developement social platform for Illinois LiberTEA and afilliates. Illinois LiberTEA is a privately funded non-profit and non-partisan grassroots group of concerned citizens.

Our terms & policies are a work in progress, however - here are the basics:

Privacy Policy Terms & Updates

Our LiberTEAnet Team is currently working on developing full legal terms and policies. Registered LiberTEA Network members will be notified of all updates.
*LiberTEA Network reserves the right to update terms & policies with notice to users at any time.

No Anonymous Users

User accounts that aren't verified within 30 days will be deleted. We're striving to provide a safe networking environment for patriots to work together. LiberTEA Network provides privacy settings and blocking ability as needed along with a reporting system for abusive material and content. We can't work together if we don't know who we are.


We do not share member information with 3rd parties without explicit permission to do so or via a legally valid warrant. Each user account is equipped with privacy settings for user control on what information is viewable by others. Information collected by LiberTEA Network is used ONLY for website and inner operation purposes - we will NEVER sell your information. 

Cookies & Tracking

LiberTEA Network uses cookies and session tracking for membership features of this site. All tracking is strictly for web site functions and security purposes. We do not track any activities outside of our website.
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